Elevate Squarespace Course Cassia Marina New York Trinidad & Tobago
Elevate Squarespace Course Cassia Marina New York Trinidad & Tobago So you think you're not tech savvy huh? I am here to prove you wrong. You can launch your own gorgeous professional squarespace website yourself without breaking the bank.

Is it true?

You MUST be asking can you really launch your website for yourself? 

See I know if you are on this page you obviously understand the NEED to have a website in 2018 and onwards...


You simply cannot go on like this much longer. Still running around all over Social Media is just not cutting it for you any more.

Everything is all over your feed, getting lost, having to talk to everyone one on one,

and instead you want all the information in your online hub, your website! Right? 



You’re trying to take your online brand to the next level but...


  • Technical terms intimidate you

  • It seems like it will take way too long

  • You’re afraid you might mess up…BIG TIME

  • You have no idea where to begin


Having an online presence can:

  • Make you more credible to other businesses as well as your customers


  • Connect with your ideal customers in a positive way, encouraging them to spend


  • Help you answer questions and make money…….WHILE YOU SLEEP!!




Creating an effective website yourself,

does not have to be difficult at all.

My Secret Weapon - Squarespace!

So WHY Squarespace?


  • Well first of all no coding skills necessary!

  • Build landing pages in minutes using the cover page feature

  • The ability to make quick changes and updates to your web pages

  • No need to spend hours and hours creating landing pages or a new sales page for that quick promo you want to launch on your website

  • Sales pages hosted on your website with no third party apps necessary

  • No need for plugins or to purchase templates

  • Extremely user friendly and intuitive to use

  • Can switch between templates without worrying about losing a thing

I can probably add more but you get the gist!



Most websites miss is a clear content plan,

a strategy,

a clear goal and a clear objective and, of course,

stellar visuals to compliment copy

that resonate with your ideal clients.

So often people leave their sites open for the visitor

To figure out what to do next,

costing them lots of money

Squarespace Course Testimonial Nariscia Elevate

“I used to tell Cassia all the time I’m not tech savvy. She reassured me that, I am and it’s a mindset. She was right because today I’m loving that I can maneuver my own site myself and it’s actually fun.”




  • to control the experience by guiding them with your copy and call to action.

  • clear actions and steps to demystify

  • to stop leaving money on the table



You Get...

Elevate Squarespace Course Cassia Marina New York Trinidad & Tobago



  • Branding Masterclass

  • Website-Content Planning Masterclass

  • Email Marketing Masterclass (with a focus on MailChimp)



Cassia along with the other members will keep you accountable to complete challenges and available via the Facebook group to give you feedback on your website.

You have access to people who tell you if its communicating what you intend for it to communicate.

Mentorship/ Coaching

You will get access to Cassia, a Squarespace expert as your website and Squarespace for 4 weeks! Ask me anything you want on how to make your website work for you!


How does it work?

100% Online Course

Convenient luxurious learning

Learn at your own pace

Unlimited replays

Automatically receive access to the course as soon as you buy

Lifetime access

Ready-to-go worksheets

Broken down into digestible, bite sized pieces

Squarespace Website Course Elevate New York Trinidad and Tobago
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Elevate Squarespace Website Course Cassia Marina

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